Our History

FBC Heath History and Development

On September 26, 1874 eleven people gathered at the Willow Springs schoolhouse (very near the current location) to form the Willow Springs Baptist Church of Christ. The church was named for the numerous willow trees growing and a nearby natural spring. Later, in 1910, the name was changed to Heath Baptist Church.

In 1894 a building was completed across the street from the present address. The church met in that building for the next four years before a cyclone destroyed the building on June 8, 1898. While construction on the new building was being done, the church continued to meet in the local school. In September, 1898 the building that we now know as Smirl Chapel was completed. The church continued to meet in the building until the new sanctuary was completed in 1981. Pinion Hall (Childrens Building) was completed in 1973 and our current education and office building (the Joe and Clarise Isbel Education Building) was completed in 1994.

In the early years, it was common for a pastor to only remain in a church for a year or two. As a result, the church has had many pastors throughout the years. Each brought different gifts and abilities to the task, but the following names are those whom God has honored with holding the title of pastor.

FBC Heath Pastoral History

Rev. James T Vance 1874-1875 Rev. J O Hearne 1913-1922 Rev. Ray Alford 1951
Rev. H M Trotter 1875 Rev. W Z Corbin 1925-1926 Rev. Obie Anderson 1951-1953
Rev. A H Norris 1876 -1884 Rev. Steve Harwell 1926-1934 Rev. CR Mabus 1953-1959
Rev. H V Lively 1884 1895 Rev. Jim Moran 1934-1935 Rev. JE James 1959-1964
Rev. J H Meyers 1895-1898 Rev. Silas Dickerson 1935-1939 Rev. Tullis Wade 1964-1969
Rev. S J Anderson 1899-1901 Rev. T J McCain 1939 Rev. Jerry Fleming 1969-1975
Rev. H B Pender 1901- 1903 Rev. W Clyde Smith 1940-1941 Dr. Dick Sisk 1975-1985
Rev. P C Scott 1904-1905 Rev. W O McClung 1942 Dr. Richard Wells (Interim) 1985-1986
Rev. J E Newman 1906 Rev. J W Harper 1943-1945 Rev. David Burcham 1986-2000
Rev. J A Lee 1906-1908 Rev. William Scott 1945 Rev. Wesley Marks 2001
Rev. C J Washman 1908-1911 Rev. Eugene Mc Clung 1946-1947 Dr. Paul Jacobs 2001-2017
Rev. C A Ashcroft 19011-1912 Rev. H D Martin 1947-1949  
Rev. H A Conway 1912 Rev. E C Harwwell 1949-1951  

In over 140 years of the existence of the church, Gods blessings have been clearly evident. As this church ministers well into the 21st century, let us do so with Gods blessings and empowerment. May we continue to reach the lost and may we always bring honor and glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.